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Dedicamos El Laberinto de esta semana al final del verano y todo lo que evoca. Escuchamos una colección de tracks melancólicos y con alta carga emocional y contamos con la presencia del Dj y productor bRUNA, que nos habla de sus recuerdos de veranos pasados. Para la sección “Rara Avis”, Henry muestra en exclusiva un track inédito del proyecto “El fantasma de la playa”.

1. Drvg Cvltvre – Frost
2. Gidge – You
3. Dreams West - Omni Island
4. Goldroom - Till Sunrise
5. Abelard - Teen Optimism
6. La Roux – Tropical Chancer
7. Juventa – Miami Waves
8. My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When
9. Lana Del Ray – Summertime Sadness
10. Classixx - Hanging Gardens
11. Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix)
12. El Fantasma de la Playa - (sin nombre)
13. Dúo Dinámico - Amor de Verano

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Balance 025 mixed by Danny Tenaglia

Jaded” is a word that’s been thrown my way recently; so much so, in fact, that I’ve come to embrace it. The Urban Dictionary defines jaded as “The end result of having a steady flow of negative experiences, disappointment, and unfulfillment fed into a person where they get to the point where their anger-circuits just sort of burn out and they accept disillusionment.” The first part especially is true in my case. If you’re just getting into the club scene you probably don’t have anything to compare it to, but I came up when the scene was young and can’t help but compare then with now. Maybe the disappointment of contemporary electronic music has burned me out, but there’s no way I will accept that house or techno or take-your-pick is “better than ever”, especially when held up to the shiny disco ball of club music from years gone by.

If you strip away all the glitter and polish and over-compression of contemporary electronic dance music, you’re left with a whole lot of empty pop-club beats and the all-encompassing and generic “EDM” label. That’s not to say there’s no good music anymore, but face it, back in the day music used to be truly underground and the hits were typically built from the ground up, growing grass-roots support as the track spread from show to show in aural waves of bass across the nation. Today the scene is much different; the hits are manufactured, the popularity due more to marketing and astro-turfing than anything else.

There’s still the question of where being nostalgic ends and being jaded begins, but where you draw the line doesn’t much matter when listening to music. After all, Chuck Roberts said “house is a feeling, and no one can understand really, unless you’re deep into the power of house”. And it’s that feeling that I’m not hearing much anymore. While there are plenty of infectious tunes around today, the difference between then and now feels something like tossing a Benjamin to the hooker on the corner rather than finding true love. It’s disposable. Instant gratification versus intimacy and emotional commitment.

That’s why the new Balance offering by Danny Tenaglia got me so excited. I’ve absolutely loved the recent Balance projects by Danny Howells and others as well as the Balance Presents spinoffs by Guy J and jozif.

And Tenaglia is one of those names I grew up with. His Global Underground mixes have always had a prime spot in my collection, and I’ve enjoyed his original albums and remixes. But for so many DJs (and fans like me), the music has changed. You can either sit at home in a dark room with the blinds drawn, listening to your worn-out 20 year old mixtapes over and over, or you can embrace the new sounds without selling out. Danny says “This new compilation was more reflective of me thinking about changes in electronic music, in techno, tech house, and minimal”, and I’m happy to report that he’s delivered something to impress the new generation of club flies as well as jaded old-school guys like myself. “I take many of my favorite classics and find ways to blend them in with much of the new music I love today, which is basically what appears on this CD,” he adds.

Disc 1 opens with a straight kick and swirls into haunting layers before building itself up, track after track, into a beautiful interplay of deep tech-house cuts, chugging techno, and slow-burning minimal, all tied together with heavy drums, twisted synths, and jackin’ stabs. Tenaglia certainly lives up to expectations as he subtly leads the listener on a musical journey. Cliché? Yes. But far too uncommon in many DJ mixes nowadays.

Disc 2 takes it back to the tribal tech and house tunes that he’s become synonymous with. The vibe hits a bit harder now, and I can almost feel myself going back in time to a dark warehouse, sweat condensing on the ceiling then dripping back down onto the heads of the packed dancefloor while Mr T himself is in the DJ booth boppin’ and waving light-wands like an air-traffic ramp agent guiding the plane perception through some sinister techno-colored psychedelic journey. It’s a long, strange sentence, to be sure. But if you know, you know.

Danny Tenaglia has re-invented himself over the past few years. After a brief 2012 hiatus he’s lost the trademark ballcap and Traktor has tightened up his mixes considerably, giving him more freedom to add his own personal touches to the music. Indeed, most of the tunes have been edited to compliment the vibe and direction of the project. His fresh outlook on life and the music really shines through in this great new album. It’s been six years since his last official release, and he couldn’t have done a better job winning over new ears while at the same time impressing old nutters like myself. It’s been said that “you can’t please all the people all the time”, but if your name is Danny Tenaglia, then yes, you very much can. And with Balance 025, you do.

Check out the Soundcloud page for tracklist and a teaser mix:

Here’s my live recording from SET at Harlot San Francisco. Two hours went by like a breeze with such an amazing audience.

Of course, nothing beats actually being there with the state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, but hopefully this will help make you feel like you were right there on the dancefloor.

Mixed live on Pioneer CDJ’s and mixer.

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The August 2014 episode of Jaytech Music features new tracks from Matt Fax, D05 and Juventa, a new Jaytech single, a new Jaytech remix and a blissed out guest mix from Dutch producer trio Envotion.

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Part 1 - Jaytech

1. Matt Fax - Over The Edge [Arrival]
2. Michael Hokanson - As Leaves Fall (D05 Remix) [Tiefhaus]
3. Lea Luna - Crazy Pills (Jaytech Remix) [Magik Muzik]
4. Jaytech - Afterburner [Positronic Digital]
5. Sound Quelle - Piece of Cake [Silk]
6. Miroslav Vrlik - Gravity Rush (BXT Remix) [Fuzzy Recordings]
7. Sedi - Zzyzx (DGM Remix) [PHW]
8. ArcHouse - Burning Ice [PHW]
9. James Woods & Alex H - Guadalupe (Vintage Colors Remix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
10. Sunset & Andy Bianchini feat Alex Staltari - Beside You (Dub Mix) [Alter Ego Records]
11. Juventa - Things Left Unsaid [Enhanced]

Part 2 - Envotion

1. Envotion - Robots [Intricate Records]
2. Envotion - Indie Summer [This is Recordings]
3. Henri Saiz - White Rhythmic Mirror [Natura Sonoris]
4. Envotion - Nomads [Intricate Cuts]
5. Alexey Sonar - All Again (Envotion Remix) [Intricate Records]
6. Tornado Wallace - Thinking Allowed [ESP Institute]
7. Terranova - Tourette [Kompakt]
8. Village - The Touch (Maxthor Remix) [Kitsune]
9. Streetwise - Palm Row [Inception]
10. Sunn Jellie - Stargaze (Envotion Remix) [Intricate Cuts]
11. Le Matos - Sara [Girlfriend Records]
12. Michael Cassette - Pangaea (Envotion Remix) [Anjunadeep]

Episode 58

Guest Mix:
J Paul Getto

Power To The People - Darius Syrossian & DJ Sneak
Bounce To The Beat (Darius Syrossian Remix) - Todd Terry
Handle Your Scandal - J Paul Getto
The Sure Shot (JPG 2014 Version) - Todd Terry & J Paul Getto
Studio 54 - Mark Knight & Discoworker Feat Robbie Leslie
Won’t Look Back (Special Request 72hr Crack Binge Remix) - Duke Dumont
New York City Music - Bob Sinclar
Represent - J Paul Getto
Stop Messing With My Love - J Paul Getto
Soul Tonight - J Paul Getto
Piano House Music Weapon (JPG Tool) - Shadow Child & Doorly
Maurice’s Vibe (JPG Edit) - Hardrive
Names (Treasure Fingers Club Mix) - Treasure Fingers & Bosco
Wild Sex (JPG Edit) - Sergio Fernandez
New Millennium (JPG Remix) - Topazz
Jacker’s Anthem - Charles Feelgood (COMING SOON ON FOGBANK)
Needin U To Rock The Place (DJ Tool) - J Paul Getto
Dusty Vinyl/Don Dada (JPG Tool) - Chiqito vs Kenny Dope
Let Me Show You Oop Oop (JPG Tool) - Chiqito vs Romanthony
Oakland Playa - Cupcakes
69 - Jaceo

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